Fornax T Benchtop Bego Induction Casting Machine

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Brand: Bego Fornax T
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Short Description

Fornax T Benchtop High Frequency Bego Induction Casting Machine
A new spin in induction casting. The Fornax T employs a controllable induction centrifugal casting method. More effective than traditional torch casting, it’s the sensible choice for performance and affordablity.

The Fornax® with benchtop design
- Compact benchtop casting machine with very efficient induction heating (semiconductor generator)
- Considerable power reserves with only 16 ampere power consumption, casting temperature up to 1550 °C: ideal for all dental alloys (except titanium)
- Cooling with BEGO circulation unit or through direct connection to water supply and outlet
- Heating level switch for ceramic or graphite crucible
- Short heating time thanks to infrared controller
- Time-saving adjustment to different mould sizes through newly designed setting mechanism
- Easy-to-handle taring device for different mould weights

Easy Operation
–  Integrated timer provides a consistent  temperature for reliable castings.
–  Adjustable cradle settings work with most casting ring systems.
–  Multi-position counterweight works with large to small casting rings. Versatile Performance
–  Displays self-diagnostic/error messages to help maintain consistent operation.
–  Water saving software helps reduce water consumption during operation.
–  New crucible coaster helps protect the Fornax T from alloy spills.
–  Transistor powered generator enables a small ergonomic tabletop footprint.
–  Casting temperatures up to 2822 ̊ F.

Height : 18"
Height with Cover Open : 38"
Width : 31"
Depth : 24"
Rated Voltage : 220 volt, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption : 16 amps
Induction Melting Power : 3.6 kVA, 65 kHz
Water Supply : approx. 1.5 gal/min
Weight : 177 lbs
Warranty : Limited 2 Year 


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